Open-studio Convo

The Open Studio Convo are periodic interactive talkback sessions where visual and literary artists, authors, tech-addicts, bloggers, fashion-pros and other creative minds meet to discuss themes and topics that relate to what they do and their impact on socio-cultural and economic development of the nation and continent as a whole.

The Open-Studio Convo provides the fertile grounds for talents and innovations to be challenged and new energies generated for the benefit of society.

The studio could be set up in any location within the city. We sometimes hold them at schools, pubs, fast food joints, photo studios, art studios among others.

The choice of venue for any open open-studio convo is normally determined by the content of the convo and type of audience.

You should join us one of these days.  Watch out for the next convo!

Open Studio Convo - BASFest
Black Music Carnival - BASFest

The Black Music Carnival

The Black Music Carnival is a component of Black Art Street Festival and runs concurrently with it. It is an initiative to bring local, national and international music experts and lovers to one location to engage in activities such as talkbacks, symposiums, and training workshops for budding talents, amateur and professional musicians and hold discussions on historical accounts of Music of Black Origin as well as live stage performances among others.

The Black Music Carnival seeks to examine the national and global impact of African Music whiles participants look at the history, traditions and rich cultural variety of music and dance of Africa origin and how music can be used as a tool to address some of the pressing challenges on the continent.

The talkbacks and dialogues discuss the extraordinary contribution of pacesetters of African music and dance.

These actions are targeted among numerous benefits, the eventual rising of a crop of musicians who will develop the Black Music Genre fusing ancient and contemporary style of music.

The Black Lens Initiative (BLI)

“Until The Lion Learns

 To Tell His Own Stories,

 The Tales Of The Hunt

Will Always Glorify The Hunter”

African Proverb

The Black Lens Initiative is a project initiated to inspire and engage large network of photographers and videographers across the continent to tell the African story through their lens; capturing those proud moments across the continent, documenting the African story the African way.

The Black Lens Initiative is a community of photographers and videographers willing to tell stories across the African continent and beyond through the lens of their cameras. The BLI is designed to inspire and engage a large network of photographers and videographers working on the African continent.

Photographers across the continent are encouraged to submit their works (images and videos) to be hosted by our website

The BLI as part of the Black Art Street Festival also have Photowall where images collected during the year are exhibited for public view. The exhibition also provides income generating opportunities for exhibitors.

Black Lens Initiative - BASFest
Black Fashion Show - BASFest

Black Fashion Show


Our fashion show is known as the Black Fashion Show. It gives opportunity to emerging and established fashion designers, accessory producers, models and other fashion-related entrepreneurs to showcase their works.


The fashion show is of two parts. The first part usually held at a more serene environment such a hotel attract corporate audience and special invited guest. This is usually held a week to the festival. The second part which is strictly street runway is opened to the general public and held at the festival grounds where the street is used as the runway.


Our participating designers are always encouraged to work with the theme of the year.

5,000+ have participated in the festival till date

Celebrate creativity, get involved in the community

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