About BASFest

The  Black Art Street Festival

The Black Art Street Festival (Previously the Tema Arts & Fashion Festival [TAFF]) is a congregation of free-minds, raw and fine talented artists, potential and active entrepreneurs, tech-addicts, bloggers, musicians and music lovers, environmental conservationists, fashion addicts and entrepreneurs, lifestyle and cultural enthusiasts and other creative minds at a common location to generate series of contagious positive synergy for empowering young entrepreneurs, whiles creating a huge art space station for African visual and literary arts and artists as well as generating ideas to conserve and protect our environment.


The BASFest is a not-for-profit creative arts forum and advocacy platform with focus on the business of art and entrepreneurship. The festival is opened to Ghanaian Artists and Entrepreneurs both home and abroad.

BASFest is organized by Initials & Signatures and its partners.

Initials & Signatures is a community of like-minded individuals with a passion to promote art and entrepreneurship by providing. This we do by creating series of opportunities for creative minds in these areas and beyond.

How Does the Festival Work?

Every other month, our Directors in cities across Ghana hand-pick and spotlight local artistic talents in visual art, fashion design, film, music, performance art, hair and makeup artistry, technology and  photography among others through local eclectic events.

In the first weekend of December every year, these talents and entrepreneurs gather at the center of the world, Tema to showcase their works, talents and work towards achieving a chosen social impact project.

The festival is a destination to thousands of people every December.

This is usually preceded by a weeklong of activities including satellite art exhibitions, fashion shows, movie screenings among others at different locations in the city.

How BASFest Works

What to expect at the Festival

BASFest - Black Art Street Festival
BASFest - Black Art Street Festival

You will experience:

  • independent film screening (usually a short films and music videos)
  • pop-up galleries featuring several independent visual artists and photographers
  • street art and graffiti exhibitions
  • street art processions
  • fashion shows
  • live musical performances
  • vendor booths featuring local artisans and accessories designers
  • live art performances.
  • drama, poetry, cultural displays
  • shopping in all kinds of goods and services


What our patrons have to say

“For me BASFest is more than just an event. It is a place for meeting some of the most amazing people on earth. The feel of visual art coupled with real entertainment and business makes me look forward to the next edition”
-Nana Osei Boateng (Student)
“My first time of participating in BASFest was in 2015 and I must say my participation
over the years have boosted my brand, increased my network and introduced me to new ideas. I always look forward to another edition”.
-Yvonne Taina Martey (CEO, EMABS Fashion)
“I have been shooting BASFest since 2014. It is one event that I look forward to every year. It offers the opportunity to connect with other photographers and to capture some real moments”.
-Mawuli Adjabeng (CEO Mawuli Adjabeng Photography)

5,000+ have participated in the festival till date

Celebrate creativity, get involved in the community

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