13 Reasons Why You Must be a Vendor at BASFEST 2017

Entrepreneurship is one of the major driving forces of the Black Art Street Festival since its inception in 2014. Deliberate and very practical measures have therefore been put in place to ensure that participating entrepreneurs and businesses reach their optimum satisfaction. Here are 13 of the numerous reasons why the festival is IDEAL for your business.


  1. Business and Products interactions: The festival provides your business the opportunity to directly interact with thousands of patrons of the festival thereby meeting with existing clients and creating new ones.


  1. Deliberate Publicity: Signing up as a vendor for BASFEST gives your brand or business a huge boost to reach out to new markets before, during and after the festival as we deliberately promote your business on our various platforms on social media and profile your business on our traditional website. With our large community of volunteers, every one of our volunteers owes it a duty to promote        your business in their own ways.


  1. You Become Part of a Large Network and Community of Entrepreneurs: Becoming a vendor at BASFEST also automatically gets you signed up onto our BASFEST Business Development Services (BBDS), a new initiative targeted at providing strategic business support for our vendors all year round at very little or NO COST at all. This support includes training and capacity building in various areas. This might be an opportunity to become that successful entrepreneur you always dream of.


  1. Free Vendor Stand: As part of our strategic support for emerging entrepreneurs, we ran free vendor stand promos for interested vendors from October 1 through to 30. Moving forward, interested vendors after October 30, are paying just a little in order to become vendors.



  1. Limited Number of Vendors on Each Products or Service: For us at BASFEST, the interest of our vendors is paramount and so we take very deliberate measures to ensure vendor satisfaction and sales. In so doing, we take conscious effort at ensuring that we do not have so many vendors vending same range of products.

A client taking shot at basfest 2016. Pic credit: Mawuli Adjabeng

  1. The festival continues one month after it officially ends. In the Vendor’s interest, we are introducing this new measure to continue publicizing the businesses of our vendors one month after the festival officially ends. This we will do with our large community of volunteers and across all our publicity outlets.


  1. Security and Safety: Vendor security, safety and comfort are very important to us. Over the years we are yet to record or receive any theft incident or complain from our vendors and this year, we are putting measures in place to even improve this feat by continuing  to work with the Ghana Police Service and our Special BASFEST Security.


  1. Well-lit Vendor Stands: Do not worry about nightfall. We got it sorted. Your stand comes with bright light bulbs.


  1. Vendor Accommodation: Vendors coming from afar need not to worry their heads over where and how to get quality yet very affordable place to pass the night during the three-day fair. The BASFEST Team is ready to assist you to make this arrangement days before your arrival.


  1. Any Business is Sell-able: We have no restriction to any products or service as far as such goods or services are legal. Our vendor spaces are available to all businesses including art, fashion, food, health products, sports, electronics, real estate and services among other several businesses. With our partnership with the media coupled with other event publicity measures, this year’s festival will rake in more patrons for our vendors.

An art exhibition by art vendor at basfest 2016. Pic credit: Mawuli Adjabeng

  1. Deliberate Photo Moments: Our vendors are our strategic business partners and we want to partner them build to their business memories. Organizers are therefore engaging photographers who will shoot our vendors whiles they go about their businesses during the festival. These pictures will be available for them to use to build their business portfolios.

A vendor at basfest 2016. Pic Credit: Julius Adjabeng

  1. Work and Happiness: Vendors are key part of the festival so they will be strategically positioned so they can practically enjoy the numerous entertaining activities lined-up for the 3-day festival.


  1. Certificate of Participation: As part of our vendor package this year, our participating vendors are entitled to certificate of participation as well as other packages such as Name Tag and BASFEST Vendor T Shirt.

These are just a few of the reasons you must consider taking part as a vendor. Limited spots available. Contact our Vendor Management Team on 0201003586 / 0261205946